REVELATION (English version)

As an artivist, I work in my creative process from an individual life lesson which I move towards the collective. I enquire into the dimension of the collective to show all the possible realities to give voice to all the affected and thus, show a broader perspective of the problem.

Now, as in my previous project Home Hard Sweet Home, I need other survivors from my country and from other countries, from other cultures and with other realities to explain.

One of the most difficult steps of a child sexual abuse survivor steps is breaking the silence and explaining it to someone else. From my experience, this step is not always received as we, the survivors, would like. Sometimes fear, not knowing what to say or not being prepared for such hard facts makes the victims feel guilty, not understood and therefore, more unprotected.
With this project I expect to show the following:
  • The answers we have received, real answers, hard answers, sometimes without words. A silence is a very painful response too.
  • The voice of different countries with different cultures because I wonder whether these voices will be the same or if it is a collective problem that crosses borders.
  • What we would really like to have heard or received.
Consequiently, if you want to participate in this artistic research process, to carry out a later artistic project, I just need the answer to these questions: